Time for us to do something new!

After over 3 year of Tourschall it is now time to seek new challenges. Tourschall will be discontinued starting April 30th 2014.

If you are looking for great audio tours, please have a look at guidemate.com. They continue to do what Tourschall was all about and deliver a great app to enjoy audio guides on the go.

And if you are looking for someone you can trust to build your next big app, please contact us at kodira.de. Tourschall was just one of many projects successfully developed and maintained by Kodira.

About Tourschall

For history's sake here are some short impressions of Tourschall already published 2011 when the mobile landscape was still quite different from todays. Anyone remembers Nokia/Symbian?

Dresden erleben Audioguides für Smartphones Für alle wichtigen Plattformen Einfach und praktisch